Pickmaster Precision

Pickmaster Precision

Same Pickmaster®  but now the improved and upgraded Precision version
Pickmaster cutting head to make it shear though most soft plastics up to 1mm (depending on plastics) with even less pressure required – making it easier for you to use. Its a cleaner cut too!

The new mechanism also reduces the amount of tear on the plastic being cut giving a
smoother edge. For any rough areas left over, there is a fine sander built into the the
handle. This will allow you to take off the remaining burrs.
Also, for the “picky”, you can rest your plectrum on the lip of the handle whilst sanding
to provide a more even angle of attack resulting in a consistent edge on the pick for
smoother performance.
Delivery is by first class post and costs just £3.95 to anywhere in mainland UK.


Price: £19.00

Pickmaster GOLD

The same perfect pick maker – but in gold! Hurry, limited edition get yours for Christmas now – we only made a few hundred – so be the first to lay your hands on one of these – they are spectacular.

They come in a clam shell box – with the famous plectrometer on the reverse – very smart!

Its exactly the same as the famous Pickmaster but we have annodised the lower and uppper parts in Gold and changed the packaging.

Its something a little more special!


Price: £21.00

So how do I buy a Pickmaster?

  1. Choose how many Pickmasters you want to order, click “Add”, and then Go to Checkout.
  2. Enter your name and delivery address, check the price to pay and click Purchase.
  3. You will be transferred to PayPal where we will take payment securely.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email of the order from Pickmaster, and of the payment from PayPal.
  5. You will receive a further email when your Pickmaster(s) have been dispatched!