Whether you’re Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Richard Thompson, Paul Gilbert, Dave Mustaine, Slash, Steve Vai, John Frusciante, Ryan Adams or Damien Rice (yeah we know we missed loads out!), the Pickmaster pick punch will allow you to produce plectrums for any style! The Pickmaster is for the real guitar hero in you – no computer games required! Why not get one right now?

Over time most of us seem to acquire large amounts of plastic; expired gift cards, payment cards, old student cards, store cards – even some junk mail has plastic cards in it these days! Open a drawer now and you’ll probably find some colourful or wickedly-designed plastic that would make a great plectrum. The Pickmaster will allow you to cut plectrums using soft plastics up to 1mm thick! If the card’s got your name or face on it, better still – don’t throw it away – it makes for a great personalised plectrum.

The Pickmaster plec punch is a shiny, sleek yet solid piece of kit that can be held in the hand, or used on a flat surface to cut plectrums. The classic plectrum shape is built into the cutter so it’s just a case of adjusting the position of the plastic to get the design you want. Then just give it a good squeeze or press to cut out the plectrum – if you’re lucky the plectrum will fly out of the Pickmaster pick punch straight into your hand! And if the edges are on the rough side just give it a rub on the built in sander to smooth it out!

Can’t find any plastic? Well why not use the Pickmaster’s own packaging? We reckon you can make 50 plectrums out of its box alone!

If you have plastic cards with sensitive details on, don’t throw it in the bin – give it a new lease of life as a plec and cut down on waste! The Pickmaster promotes recycling, sustainability, efficiency and self-sufficiency – not to mention creativity!

Lots of cards have raised numbers on them and other textured surfaces so if you cut it right you gain some finger and thumb grips into the bargain! Don’t mess around with scissors – save your fingers and use the Pickmaster.

The sleek, attractive design of the Pickmaster pick punch makes it look great in your bedroom, music room, recording studio, basement, garage….anywhere! You can always have it close at hand to make plectrums, it can sit nicely on top of your amp and what’s more, it will even fit in your gig bag so you can make plectrums on the move! Ever been in a panic just before a gig because you can’t find your plectrum? The Pickmaster allows you to make a plectrum in seconds, all you need is the right plastic – try raiding your wallet (or purse) for that store card that you were talked into getting, but never use!

All of us guitarists have been left scrambling to find your plectrum at one time or another (they always seem to disappear at just the wrong moment). Don’t waste time trying to find your one plectrum while that killer riff you’ve just thought of goes out of your head – just cut another one with the Pickmaster plec punch to save time and rock on!

If you’re a creative, you can spend hours producing the most abstract, personalised, bespoke plectrums you can – all you need is some suitable plastic. For those who are always losing their plectrums, your worries end here – if you mislay one plectrum, you can just cut another!

The Pickmaster is for every guitarist out there who uses picks or plectrums. It’s for girls, boys, rockers, headbangers, mods, the classically trained – absolutely anyone and everyone!

Buy one right here on the official Pickmaster website today!